1. Search - finish off and tidy up output.
  2. Search results page.
  3. about us pages - reduce image sizes on all tiles .
  4. merchandise -

25th Nov 2014

  • footer-

24th Nov 2014

  • added cross sells to event pages.  they pickup default from home page. but you can add new Cross sells to each event and they will be found.
  • added - newsletter signup to most page footers. 
  • integrate UI front end bug fixes into Dev site.

13th Nov 2014

  • Search on homepage - back end coding for search.

12th Nov 2014

  • added Breadcrumbs to appropriate pages
  • tidied up main menu
  • fixed bugs with distributed replication on servers.

11th Nov 2014

  • Event Page   allow ordering of accodion sections via cms - see- /whats-on/a-gala-for-st-george/
  • event page - hide accordion sections with no content 
  • event page - allow custom accordion panels.

10th Nov 2014

  • added admin page to access Email signup and Competition data : NOTE, you need to be logged in as a content editor to view this page.
  • News pages - more work completing pages. 

7th Nov 2014

  • news archive page -  almost finished. 
  • news item page - ready view.
  • competitions in cms - you can create competitions in cms
  • homepage - competitions now store emails in database. 
  • competitions page - displays all active competitions.  see competitions
  • competition page - shows individual competition.

6th Nov 2014

  • news page - coding infrastructure. no visible elements
  • homepage - Cross sell events code. you can now add cross sale events and they appear.
  • homepage - buttons
  • homepage - newsletter signup component visual part
  • whats-on  -  Cross sale events now appear and are select-able in the cms. 

5th Nov 2014

  • homepage - added buttons for Merchandise, News, Group bookings
  • Group bookings - page created.