Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Findlay

Chief Development Director
Jonathan Marks

Non Executive Directors (Sony Music) 
Mark Cavell
Sarah Thwaites

Head of Events
Owen Kent

Senior Project Manager
Mark Hardwidge

Event Manager 
Josie Gibb

Event Assistant
Lucy Humphries

Orchestra Manager 
Caroline Hewitt

Music Performance Librarian
Giles Chaundy

Head of UK Light Trails
Matthew Findlay

Head of Overseas Light Trails
James Dakin

Senior Partnership & Sponsorship Manager
Henry Thorpe

Food and Beverage Manager
Bertie Woodhead

Light Trails Manager
Jack Roberts

Light Trails Assistant
Molly Atkinson

Director of Marketing and Communications 
Michelle Berry-Wise

Head of Marketing
Andrew Claye

Marketing Managers
Neil Gray
Robert Barton
Chauntelle Ingarfield

Marketing Co-ordinator 
Lucy Case

Senior Digital Marketing Officer
Antony Yates

Head of Ticketing
Colin Payne

Ticketing Co-ordinator 
Chelsea - Julia Howlett

Marketing & Ticketing Assistant
Rosie Rothwell

Ticketing & Trails Assistant
Aimee McDermott

Finance Director 
James Donovan

Finance Manager 
Debra Eagers

Production and Finance Controller
Jason Thornton-Cousins

Commercial Finance Manager
Okan Kesser

Accounts Payable Clerk
Pauline Ferreira

Accounts Receivable Analyst 
Nathan Thornhill

For Raymond Gubbay Ltd

Consultant for RGL 
Sergei Selivanov

Programmes Co-ordinator
Ian Calow