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    Music from deep space and beyond

    A voyage through a galaxy of favourite music from deep space and beyond, with lights, lasers and indoor fireworks. Featuring works by Holst, Strauss and John Williams – perhaps the greatest film composer of all time and winner of over 40 prestigious awards, including 5 Oscars.Over the decades their music has accompanied us on epic adventures, told us stirring tales, and taken us on a great many emotional journeys. Iconic pieces have even transported us back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, often painting a full picture before the actors even say a word!

     Star Wars • Superman • E.T. • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Plus: Gravity • Predator • Alien • Apollo 13 • Independence Day and many more

  • performers

    • London Concert Orchestra
    • Anthony Inglis conductor
  • Video showcase