Detlef Kornett is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and serves as an Executive Board member of International Business Affairs for DEAG. He was appointed to the position at the start of 2014 and is in charge of marketing initiatives as well as the company’s digital strategy. Kornett also leads the coverage of DEAG’s international business, particularly in the United Kingdom. He currently serves as an Executive Board Member for Verescon AG, a consulting firm he has been running since 2012 as well.

As one of the most experienced international managers in live entertainment, Kornett has garnered a wealth of experience. He was the President and CEO of European Business affairs for AEG Worldwide in London and Berlin for ten years, where he lead the acquisition of top event arenas such as London’s O2 Arena and O2 Worldin Berlin and Hamburg. After a decade at AEG, Kornett served as managing director of Red Bull energy drinks from 2011-2012, in charge of marketing and managing international sports projects across three continents.  Before serving as a General Manager for the NFL in the 90s, Kornett attended FU Berlin where he studied Sports and Political Science